Amber Willett's  La Réponse (et la Lamentations)

Amber Willett's La Réponse (et la Lamentations)

La Réponse

La Réponse (et la Lamentation) is a contemporary ballet created for seven dancers about the nature of fear in an age of terrorism. 

The piece debuted in 2017 at the Seattle International Dance Festival


In the face of tragedy, how do we help those who are suffering with grief, thousands of miles away?

This piece was initiated as an improvisational response to the terrorist attack that took place in Nice, France on Bastille Day in July 2016. It came in the midst of an already grim year, one incident in a series of world events where many innocent lives were taken. While the piece begins with a loose re-enactment of the event through pedestrian-like movements, its core theme stems from the deep feeling of loss and shock in wondering how we can help those who are suffering thousands of miles away, and follows the performers into a posthumous existence where they share in the solidarity of grief. Sometimes, the best we can do is to hold those around us and weep with those who weep, and as artists, try to speak where words can’t.


10 minutes