Romeo & Juliet Premiere

West Seattle Herald: At the heart of Romeo and Juliet: City Opera Ballet produces a new, intimate take on the classic tragedy

The creaky, old Value Village off Pike St. on Capitol Hill may have been gutted and closed to the public, but the building itself still shows signs of life. Upstairs, where the men’s and children’s sections once resided, the scratched wood floors have been tiled over with large, black, vinyl mats. Here, every Wednesday, ballerinos and ballerinas wearing long johns and knee socks pounce, pirouette, and plié. They are rehearsing for City Opera Ballet’s original production of Romeo and Juliet, which is unlike any take on the classic tragedy that you’ve seen before. 


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Bellevue Reporter: All-new ballet score reinvents classic tale of love in Bellevue production

The region’s oldest ballet company is taking on “Romeo and Juliet,” the classic tale of love, family strife and grief with a cast of local dancers and a new score — one of the first to be produced for the play in decades.
“The family is really important to me. So much of the plot comes from the families, their expectations and emotions,” Willett said. “The play even starts out, ‘Two households, both alike in dignity.’ In the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s version, they die and it’s curtain down. In the text, the families reconcile at the end … At the end of the day, they both lost a child.”

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